Too TaBoo?

How many of you have wondered what goes on in the grooming salon? For most pet stylists, breaking our “code of silence” is more taboo than keeping a vampire’s secrets! Not anymore, Terry Reliford is breaking the silence with his interactive grooming sessions.

Terry is offering a FREE six week trial period on Periscope App. There will be no contracts or sign up fees, completely FREE for the duration of the six weeks. It will be in question and answer format every Wednesday starting at 12:30 p.m. Terry will gladly answer any of your grooming or pet related questions during this half hour to one hour session. The sessions will range widely upon the questions you ask! How cool is that? Terry’s first session will start next Wednesday at 12:30 p.m.

Instructions to participate: Download the Periscope app on your smart phone or tablet if you do not already have it. Then follow us at ysoserious and you will be notified when the session begins. This will be a live feed and you are encouraged to participate by asking Terry questions.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call and Terry can help walk you through it or comment below. This industry is changing more and more every day. Make sure you are changing with it and being proactive about your pet’s needs. We are here to help you.


Hungry & Hopeless -Homeless Canine

a dog's liife

Today I wandered upon a book about the autobiography of a stray canine. The wheels started turning and what a shame it is that God created such beautiful creatures only to be thrown out in the cold, left to beg and plead for food, love, and attention. What a cruel world we live in that people can pass this on a daily basis and not reach out to help. These animals were not asked to be brought into this lifestyle and have done nothing to deserve it.

If you have ever experienced a healthy relationship with a dog, you know that it is a love that is unconditional from his/her end. They will lay their life down for you and protect you to the very end no matter size because the love and care you exchange fills their heart to such capacities that they want nothing more than to serve and protect you.

When I gaze into the eyes of a dog I see nothing but pure, genuine love. As cliché as it is, God spelled backwards is Dog and that it is for a very good reason. I have had many pets throughout my life and continue to experience caring for different animals and pets even today but never have I experienced that same bond that is developed between myself and a canine. It is unlike anything I have experienced. The loyalty of a canine astounds me.

My blog today is in hopes that we become better pet parents and spay and neuter our pets. If you get a pet, be responsible enough to take the precautions that our pets will not produce more puppies that you cannot properly home and take care of yourself. There are no spay/neuter laws in Alabama ( although I am an advocate of this coming in the future ) but there are many shelters and rescues filled to their fullest capacity fighting this battle here. PLEASE DON’T ADD TO THIS PROBLEM.

What is worse is the thoughts of how many of these pets that have been thrown away, not in shelters but wandering our streets and communities. Scared…hungry…not socialized and never being touched by loving hands…PLEASE SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PET.

Mercy West Spay Neuter Clinic offers a great discount for these services. 205 631 4432

My heart breaks for these pets-Alesia

Hair EvErYwHeRe!

Yes, ALL dogs shed. Even “Non shedding” and “Hypoallergenic” dogs such as Poodles, Doodles, and Bichons shed. I can go one step further to say even Mexican Hairless and Chinese Crested also shed! The only difference is that some hair actually falls out and hits the floor while others cling to the live coat and are only removed by brushing and combing out of the coat. There are many reasons why dogs shed: heredity, seasonal changes, hormones, environment, and nutrition are all factors in why dogs shed and how much they shed. We can’t do much about controlling seasonal changes, or hormones, but there are things we can do in controlling a dogs environment and nutrition. Keeping a pet’s stress level to a minimum definitely helps. Stress is a trigger for excess shedding in many dogs ( this is why when you bring Fido to the Vet’s office you typically see hair flying off! ). Nutrition is also a huge factor when it comes to shedding. A dog that is not getting the proper vital nutrients in their diet will show deficiency in their coat and skin ( a general rule of thumb is to stay away from ALL grocery store bought food and be sure to do your own research at for unbiased information ). Feeding a high-quality diet is a key element, but also supplements containing omega-3 and fatty acids etc, can help ensure that the coat is healthy and glossy, keeping shedding to a minimum ( We offer NuVet samples here). Regular grooming will also help to control shedding. Doggie Do’s offers grooming with special shampoos and conditioners that loosen and remove the hair while at the same time moisturizes the skin to reduce further shedding, ask for the Furminator.

Stella and Chewy’s freeze dried

Okay this is the line of food we intend to carry. Yes, it is pricey but is the absolute BEST diet for your dog. Raw is ideal for your dog, no matter the breed. This brand takes the worry and mess out of the equation for you. We will be carrying the freeze dried bags in a few different proteins. Don’t our pets deserve the best?I love the last few lines of this video when she states that she was lucky enough to have a Vet educated in nutrition. I wish more Vets were as educated in nutrition because YES, NUTRITION MATTERS. Do your own research, gain your own ideas. Having a Dogue of our own that has a compromised immune system, John and I are constantly trying to educate ourselves on nutrition and what we can feed Ruger to help him and prolong his lifespan. We hope that you delve into this topic and feel free to share your opinions with us. A good unbiased place for research is

Also, Vet Karen Becker has many videos on Youtube and wrote many articles on the raw diet and why it is BEST. Happy Researching!

Doggone friggatriskaidekaphobia

As most of you already know, Friday the 13th is approaching! Black cats, oh no! They are my favorite and before John and I were married I would adopt ONLY the black cats because they were less desirable by many. They needed love too! My Ava October was a gem and I still miss her. John is highly allergic so we stick to dogs these days….and snakes, and sugar gliders. We are true animal lovers at the Ray residence and we do not discriminate against ANY of God’s creations ( with the slight exception of spiders, I. Just. Can’t. Do. Spiders. Don’t judge!)
Many associate this day/days with bad luck, John and I are actually the opposite. We love this day and are happy to have so many this year! February 13, 2015, March 13, 2015, and November 13, 2015. We got married on the 13th in hopes that occasionally our anniversary will fall on Friday the 13th! It’s all about perspective and I think we can all agree that ours is a bit askew. We try to commemorate the date by joining in the masses and running out to get Lucky13 tattoos! Yes, cute girls have tattoos too! Sorry, inside joke.
The actual term for the fear of Friday the 13th is called friggatriskaidekaphobia. Try saying that three times fast! To celebrate this Friday the 13th, we are offering FREE tattoos for dogs! No sillies, not “real” tattoos. You know our motto at Doggie Do’s : 1st priority is NEVER HURT OR CAUSE PAIN TO ANY ANIMAL. Humanity over vanity is huge in our book! What we call Puppy Tattoos are actually Body Bling. This is an add on service that usually costs $6 additional and adheres to your pet’s fur with safe, non-toxic adhesive until the next shampoo.
Hope you all enjoy your Lucky Friday the 13th as much as we do! -Alesia


My name is Terry and I am currently a stylist at Doggiedos. The owners have a unique perspective on caring for their clients and their pets. What I like is they live it every day. What you see is what you get. I hope you get to see it and appreciate them as I do. I look forward to sharing our everyday ups and downs with everyone in our community.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

"Let Sleeping Dogs Lie"
“Let Sleeping Dogs Lie”

If this photo doesn’t melt your heart, then what will? This is a regular “star” here at Doggie Do’s. Her name is Lucy and she belongs to Mr. Carmichael. Lucy has been coming to Doggie Do’s since 2012 and we sure adore her. She isn’t a dog, you know. She is human-like, just like our Ruger Ray that you see sleeping in the floor beside the table. Lucy listens to commands and is always obedient. She loves her grooming process so much that she actually falls asleep if given half the chance (as you can see)! We have moments like these and when we do, it reminds me of what a great thing we do here.
I had a young lady, a former salon owner actually, state on a social networking site once that “there was no way we were actually stress free”. Maybe she thought this was a ploy to lure clients in or maybe she just couldn’t fathom how we were providing an environment that was less stressful than what she was accustomed. Either way, here we are. And wow, do I wish I could have just emailed her this photo!
I will tell you that at times we do get slammed with phone calls, walk-in clients interested in conversation and scheduling appointments, and clients to purchase treats, etc. When life happens, we adjust the best we can. Is it stressful at times? Yes! I’d be lying to you all if I said every day, all day is completely stress free but believe me when I say that the majority of our days actually are quiet and less stressful than most grooming salons with cages and crates. I have worked them all and this is exactly what I wanted when we were planning Doggie Do’s Barber Shop.
This makes the pets feel more at home and they are only here for their scheduled shampoo/grooming experience, unless Mom or Dad request Doggie Daycare. There is no loud barking or numerous dogs stacked into cages on every wall. Does this mean we do less business than some of our competition? Absolutely and we wouldn’t have it any other way! We feel our elite Doggie Do’s family extends beyond these walls here and into your homes. We love every moment we get with your four-legged babies and the extra allotted time allows us to know and love your furbabies. If we rushed through our days to “get to the next DoG waiting”, it would cheapen this experience for us and your pet. If we worked in that manner, we could lower prices and focus on quantity instead of quality but honestly we have no desire in doing that. This is what makes us stand out among the rest. We strive to provide this stress free environment and we are certain it shows in our work as well.
So we hope that the next time someone asks you “How much do they charge?” that you can share your experience, your pet’s comfort level when they’re with us, or simply tell them how we work. We are NOT the cheapest in town, but we sure pride ourselves in being the best!

Februaury is National Pet Dental Month ( FREE TOOTHPASTE w/ $6 SERVICE )


Regular oral hygiene and health of your pet’s mouth can prolong the lifespan and overall health of your pet for years to come.Did you know that most dogs have signs of gum disease by age four? A bacteria filled mouth can lead to heart disease. Bad breath is usually the first sign of an issue. Always be sure to check your pet’s mouth and gums at least once a week, more often if there seems to be excessive drooling, particularly foul odor, or loss of appetite. Sometimes Fido can get objects/sticks lodged in the mouth and can pose a problem. Gums should appear pink and healthy, not white, red, or swollen.  Teeth should be clean without brown tartar.

The following are signs that your dog may have a problem in his mouth or gastrointestinal system and should be checked by a veterinarian:

  • Bad breath
  • Excessive drooling
  • Inflamed gums
  • Tumors in the gums
  • Cysts under the tongue
  • Loose teeth

Bacteria leads to plaque ,which in turn leads to tartar build up and can cause gingivitis, receding gums, and tooth loss. Regular brushing with an enzymatic toothpaste can help prevent this and your pet should have a dental if tarter is present. Never use fluoride toothpastes with your pup, it can be harmful if swallowed and can also interfere in healthy teeth development of puppies under the age of six months.

First, get your pet used to the idea of you messing with the mouth. Put your gloved ( or gauge wrapped finger ) into the mouth and gently massage the gums. This will increase circulation which can help lead to healthy gums and get Fido used to this process. Once you get your pet used to this process, try to brush at least two to three times a week.

You can provide chew toys to help eliminate tartar and prevent plaque build up. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND RAW HIDES HERE AT DOGGIE DO’S DUE TO CHOKING HAZARDS.  Real bones ( no cooked bones of any kind ) or designated chew treats made for dental health are good to feed your four-legger. Always seek an opinion of the Vet. They are very helpful at Hueytown Vet Office if you’d like to contact them via fb or telephone for general questions. You can also provide rope toys to help “floss” your pet’s teeth naturally while they play and tug.  Gnawing also reduces your dog’s overall stress level, prevents boredom and gives him an appropriate outlet for his natural need to chew.

We are giving FREE toothpaste with a toothbrushing service $6 this entire month of February. You will also get to take home their toothbrush used for this service.

Welcome world!

Doggie Do's

This will be a place for us to share our thoughts on the wonderful world of pet grooming! We welcome you into our world and lives to share tid-bits of information to help your furry friend live a longer, healthier, and happy life! We will share photos and videos whenever possible and want this to be a fun, educational experience for everyone involved.

I fell into this career over seventeen years ago and it has forever changed my life. Never would I have imagined that I would be in the position that I am today. It wasn’t always easy. Hours have sometimes been long and demanding. I have worked for people that I didn’t always agree with their methods or ways. I have also worked for some wonderful people that have changed my life drastically and helped me to be a better person, better friend, and better Pet Stylist. I have grown and had to say goodbye to many important influences over the years. I have also opened my life to be able to say hello to many new faces, some of which belong to friends on four legs.

I was given an opportunity to provide for myself and my children and to love animals all the while! That was pretty exciting for me. I have worked for Vets, privately owned salons, corporations, and now our own business. John and I took a complete leap of faith when we dove into this back in 2012. It took me many years to get here and to get it right and Doggie Do’s Barber Shop is our “baby”. We strive every day to make it better and to improve what we already feel like is one of the top grooming salons in the Birmingham area. Yes, we are on the edge of Hueytown all tucked away in a small shopping center and a lot of people still pass us by, day after day, not even realizing what we do inside these doors. But many have grown into our extended family and realize the magic that is made here. Our salon is stress free for us and the pets. We work by appointment only and our furry friends get the best one-on-one treatment we can provide in a safe environment full of compassion and understanding. We are happy to invite you into our lives!